Direct Mail

Direct Mail

Increase Direct Mail Responses With Our Services

Ameliorate Data helps increase the rate of leads with direct mailing marketing solutions.

Ameliorate Data is a leading provider of direct marketing lists and data solutions for major Fortune 500 mailers and advertisers. Our services are designed to increase direct mail marketing response. Here is why we are different from other list compilers in the direct mail industry:

Multi-channel marketing databases. In addition to full postal records, we also maintain matching email addresses, landlines and cell phone numbers. Multi-channel marketing, defined as use of multiple marketing channels (direct mail post cards, email lists and telemarketing), is the key to a successful direct mail outreach. For tips on direct mail marketing, please download our White Paper.

Self response based data – unlike traditional sources of compiled and/or modeled data, Ameliorate Data markets self response data, which is compiled through a variety of online and offline mediums and is consumer initiated. Based on the case studies conducted among our key advertiser in the past 5 years, self responder consumer data provides a fresh, exciting and unique source of names for the 21st century marketers.

Lifestyle overlays/selects – our databases are rich with lifestyle selects which we meticulously gather and maintain through online and offline surveying.

We currently maintain 204MM permission-based emails, 290MM postal records and 170MM cell phone numbers.

Separately, Ameliorate Data also houses a 20MM+ B2B database, which is overlaid with a large number of business selects, including company size, SIC codes, company titles, email addresses, etc.



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